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    Dongguan Songbo Electronics Hardware Co., Ltd is Located in the famous industrial city of Dongguan, Guangdong Province, which is Taiwan Dong Wei Group's largest manufacturing base in the mainland. We have been specialized in design and production of PC/TV bracket, high precision stamping parts,lathe parts etc.. Our product includes: PC/LCD TV bracket, loudspeakers, screws, computer parts, Precision electronic hardware components, building hardware and many other precision hardware products for almost 30 years. 


    TDW can provide sustained competitive quality, price and service, to help customers to create infinite possibilities of performance, to help customers to expand the market. TDW can provide customized one-stop solutions during design and production process, TDW has wholly owned or partially owned companies and partners in the raw materials, design and post-processing technology, For surface processing, we have our own plating factory and and 10-years co-operation with an electrophoresis and painting factory, All of our partner factories including raw material, plating, electrophoresis and painting factory are near to our factory, around 40minutes by car. Our aim is to provide customers with a one-stop service including stamping, Lathe Processing,to surface treatment processing and manufacturing precision hardware. Meanwhile, TDW can provide PC/LCD TV bracket and any other ODM/OEM design and assembly service for customer too. 

    Our advanced stamping equipment are including: 400 tons of hydraulic machines, biaxial 300 tons, 200 tons, biaxial 160 tons, 110 tons, 100 tons, 80 tons, 60 tons and automated precision lathes, large CNC machining center, laser processing center, Precision numerically controlled plate work center, automatic welding robot, Precision multi-axis tapping machine and other equipments ,therefore, TDW can satisfy all customers processing requirements.

    Meanwhile, the automated equipment is designed by our company and assembled in Taiwan, with an accuracy of 0.03mm per 100mm. Our automated equipment can significantly reduce the labor cost, improve the processing and manufacturing accuracy. Using the QCD concept and our experience in product design and mold design, we will save our customers material, time and money, which to make the maximum benefit to customers. With the most advanced processing equipment and the cost of the most competitive prices, providing customers with the most cost-effective design, production,and manufacturing services.

    In quality system, we introduce a series of quality control system and the system of strict quality control inspection, TDW has passed the ISO9001: 2008/TS16949 certification. Our precision testing equipment: 3D testing machine,2.5D testing machine, salt spray testing machine, RoHS- plating thickness tester, precision hardness testing machine, microscope, hexavalent chromium environmental testing, projectors and a variety of testing standards and other inspection fixtures. We have set up strict and effective QC/QA systems from raw material, production, surface processing, finished product and shipping, and finally, reliability and environmental tests, meanwhile, we use the SPC System and MINITAB Quality management software to make all qualities undercontrol, so that can guarantee maximum quality, to ensure the shipment match with standards and requirement. 

    Green manufacturing, TDW is committed to environmental protection and green manufacturing, we strictly following the European Union RoHS standards and the international environmental protection standard requirements during whole production process.

    Our products are now being exported to America, Taiwan, Japan, England, Korea, Netherlands and Singapore. In the current new development stage, we will vigorously develop a broader market. Meanwhile, TDW will continue to pursue automation equipment upgrading and advanced management to become the leader of automation precision hardware manufacturing.

    Address: Xinxing Industrial Zone, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. PRC ??Tel: + 86-769-86636089 ??Fax: + 86-769-86322233
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